How to Recruit New Spider-Man in Spider-Man Unlimited

In Spider-Man Unlimited, Spidey is off and running, avoiding obstacles, smashing into bad guys, defeating classic villains from the comic series, recruiting versions of himself from alternate Marvel universes, and much more. The following tutorial will show you how to unlock more Spider-Men in the game:

1. Opening the app- Tap the Spider-Man Unlimited icon on your Android or iOS device to open up the game.

2. Main menu- Your main menu will show four panes. The top left is for events, the top right is for story mode, bottom right is for unlimited mode, and bottom left is your team pane, with My Team on top and Recruit on bottom. Tap Recruit.

3. Portal- You now find yourself at the Portal where you can recruit new Spider-Men in one of two ways. Either you spend 25 ISO-8’s to get guaranteed Rare Spidey, or you can spend 2,500 vials to get a mystery Spidey. Most times you will get a Common. However, you may occasionally get a Rare, so keep collecting vials and keep recruiting to add to your collection of different Spider-Men.