How To Reduce "Other" Data on your iPhone or iPad in iTunes

Every time you connect your iPad, iPhone, or iPad device to your iTunes, you will most probably see a color-coded graph which indicates your device's different space usage. On that graph, you'll find the "Other" data. The "Other" space include your mail cache, messages, and attachments, browser cache, iTunes backups, game data, saved data files, and many more. If you want to clear this space, here's how to reduce the "Other" data on your iPhone or iPad in iTunes.

1. Open your iTunes and connect your iPad or iPhone into your Mac. Once it's plug in you will see the storage space graph and "Other" is yellow. You will also be able to see how much storage space it has already used up. If "Other" takes up below 1 GB, it is not a cause of worry and you don't really need to delete the data there.


2. One of the steps to recover data is to delete and re-install apps which have bloated data because of constant updates. To clear this, go to "Settings" and choose "General" then, click "Usage/Storage." Simply delete and re-install these apps.

3. The next step is to clear large message threads. Do this by clicking the "Message" app, tap "Edit," and then the red or X button to delete an entire message thread. Repeat the process until all large messages are cleared.

4. Next is to clear the history, data, and cookies of your browser. Go to "Settings," then to B and tap "Clear Cookies, Data, and History."


5. If there are more, delete voice memos on your iPhone by going to the "Voice Memo" screen. Tap the specific voice memo you want to delete and tap the red button.

6. After that, restart your Apple device off and connect back to iTunes again to view the if the "Other" data has been reduced.

7. If after doing these things you still have big "Other" space, you need to back up and re-install the iOS of your device. To do this, select your device on the "Devices" list on iTunes, right-click your device and choose "Back Up." Wait until the process is completed.


8. To re-install the data, go to "Settings," then "General," and "Reset." Click "Erase All Content and Settings" and "Erase." Once the process is completed, your device will reboot. After that follow the instruction until you get to the "Set Up iPhone/iPad" part and choose "Restore from Back Up."