How to Rename Multiple Files at Once Using the MacBook Pro

You have just returned from your summer holiday and the first thing you want to do is transfer all the images from your camera to your MacBook Pro. But once you do so you realize that there are already a few hundred photos in that folder and all of them are marked only by index numbers. Are you really willing to sit through renaming each and every file?
If you have OS X Yosimitsu then you can rename all these files at once and also do it in a very customizable manner. Follow these steps below to rename multiple files using your MacBook Pro:

Step 1
‘Select’ all the files you want to rename.

Step 2
‘Right Click’ on them and select the option ‘Rename X Number of Items’.

Step 3
In the dialog box that opens you will notice a drop down menu with three options in it. Let’s see what they do.

Step 4
Select the first one ‘Replace Text’. In the ‘find’ box you will notice the common name in the files you have selected and next to it will be another box titled ‘replace with’ where you can enter the new file name.

Step 5
Select the second option ‘Add Text’, this allows you add text either before or after the name of the file. You will have a single box where you can enter the text you want to add and next to it you can select whether to add the text before or after the existing title.

Step 6
Select the third option ‘Format’, this allows you to create a custom format for the title whereby you can add text before or after the existing title and also add a counter to it.