How to Repost an Instagram Photo

When you come across an amazing Instagram photo, one action you may be tempted to take is to share it with your followers. This is easily done on many social networking sites, but there is no one button to push to repost an Instagram photo. To share the photo with others while providing credit to the original poster follow these steps.

Step 1:
Since Instagram does not have the option to repost photos, you have to download an app specially designed for reposting on Instagram. You will find both free and paid for apps that provide this service. Be sure to research the app to ensure that it is trustworthy, as you will have to share your account information.

Step 2:
After you have downloaded an appropriate app onto your phone, you need to connect your Instagram account with the new app. Open the app and select the option that connects your accounts, typically by logging into your Instagram account.

Step 3:
In the reposting app, find the photo you wish to repost. Then press the repost button in the app. This will share the photo with your followers but will have the original users name associated with it. It might also have a watermark of the app.

Step 4:
If you do not wish to download a second app, you can capture the photo by taking a screenshot of the post. Then, you can share the screenshot the same way that you normally share a photo.
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