How to Restart a Level in Fruit Ninja

In Fruit Ninja, you use your finger to swipe and slice all over the screen, cutting fruit in half. There are three game modes to choose from and numerous blades and dojos to unlock. Sometimes, you have a bad game and just want to start over, and you can; just following these simple steps will teach you how to start a level over again.

1. Opening the app- Locate and tap the Fruit Ninja icon on your mobile device.

2. Game modes- There are three game modes to choose from: Classic, Arcade, and Zen. Swipe your finger through the icon of your chosen game mode.

3. Blades and Dojos- You have an option to choose your blade and dojo before you start. Select a blade and a dojo.

4. Starting the game- After you have made your selections, you will see an icon to start the game. Using your finger, swipe through the icon to start the round.

5. Pausing- If you feel like you’re doing poorly and wish to just start fresh, tap the pause button.

6. Restarting the game- After you have paused the game, you will see current objectives, a Play icon and an icon that resembles a reload symbol or an X. Tap the reload or X symbol, you will be back at the Start Level screen. Swipe through the play icon to try again.