How to Ride the Mine Cart in Temple Run 2

Running and dodging obstacles is difficult enough in Temple Run 2, but everything gets a bit tougher once you encounter the mine cart. It's the toughest way to travel in Temple Run 2, but if you get past it, you'll be back on your feet in running in no time. Here's how to master it:

1. Start the game by tapping on the ‘Temple Run 2’ icon.

2. Start playing the game by tapping on the ‘Play’ button.
3. Play until the ‘Mine cart’ mission comes. You will automatically be put into the mine cart.
4. If any obstacles come in front of you, just dunk or jump to avoid them, which is similar to the normal running. Swipe down to dunk into the cart, or up to hop.
5. If you see any tracks that bend in front of you, just tilt the device in the safe direction to avoid failing.

6. If the track splits into multiple routes, you have to choose between either left or right. Be sure to choose the correct path otherwise your run may end
That’s how you can ride the mine cart on Temple run 2. But be careful and attentive to avoid failing and you will be able to overcome it!