How to Run PUBG on MacBook Pro: System Requirements

Player Unknown’s Battlegrounds (PUBG) is one of the best games of 2017 although it was first made available for PC alone. Mac is not one of the best gaming platforms. There are comparatively few games that can be played on the platform and PUBG is not one of them but Mac users can now play PUBG by following the simple steps below.

1. Connect to a network

Create a connection to a WiFi network or join a network using an Ethernet cable. You can turn on your Wi-Fi by clicking on the WiFi menu, which is located at the top right end of the screen. The Wi-Fi menu will be bold if it is turned on and connected to a network.

2. Install GeForce

GeForce NOW for Mac is a cloud-based service by Nvidia. Many games require hardware compatibility that most Mac devices do not have, and GeForce NOW removes these issues. The game is played on the GeForce server, while your computer serves as a monitor just like any other streaming device.
Once GeForce Now is installed on your Mac, double-click on it to open. GeForce NOW is currently free to download.

3. System requirements

GeForce NOW runs the game on the cloud, meaning any computer - irrespective of the hardware specification - can play PUBG. The catch is that you need to have a fast internet connection. Your speed needs to be at least 25 Mbps, but Nvidia recommends 50 Mbps.

4. Check the strength of your connection

If you’re unsure of your connection’s speed, you can use the GeForce NOW app to check it. If your network connection is OK, you will see the message, ‘your network is optimal for streaming’.

5. Setting

For optimal game performance, you may need to tweak the settings of your GeForce. You can make adjustments by clicking on the settings icon on your GeForce NOW app. Turning on the ‘Ultra Streaming Mode’ will minimize latency, which should give you a better gaming experience. This may also lower the visual quality.

6. Login to Steam

Once your GeForce NOW app is running, you will see a list of available games on the server. PUBG should be one of them, and is sold for $30. If you have already purchased the game, click on it and you will be directed to log in to Steam. You can create a Steam account for free if you don’t already have one.

7. Play

If you entered the correct Steam account, the game should begin to run in few minutes. You will be pitched against 100 other players and your sole aim is to be the last one standing. You can hide your way through the round and kill only when there are few players left, or you can participate fully in the action. You can make further adjustments using the in-game settings.
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