How to save money with Amazon Alexa


While Amazon Echo is a significant investment, it is just that. An investment and not a cost. It may be a neat high tech toy but it can also make life easier, smoother and cheaper. There are lots of ways you can save money with the technology and I’m going to list just a few of them here. So if you’re looking to cut down on costs with Amazon Alexa, here are a few ways to do it.

Reduce your energy bill
Using Amazon Echo in conjunction with smart lighting and heating, you can design a scene or skills that switch everything off when you leave and turn them on again when, or just before, you get home. You can do the same for A/C, smart ceiling fans, your coffee machine and more.

Save water

If you use a sprinkler to keep your garden lush, Alexa can help control the sprinkler too. Between them, Echo and the sprinkler can check the weather so see if it requires sprinkling, water on a timer or not at all if it’s raining.

Save food
Amazon Alexa can help with cooking and grocery ordering too. It can set cooking timers to stop you burning dishes, check the refrigerator to see if you’re running low on anything, automatically order groceries and provide new recipes to use up some of those random tins sitting in your cupboard. Not going to the store to buy food can save significant amounts of cash on its own while using up random food items gets another meal or two out of what you already have.

Save money on music
While Alexa integrates into Prime and the Amazon store, you can consume free music too. You can use low cost streaming services such as Spotify or Pandora or stream local radio for free.

Save with Uber
Amazon Alexa can order an Uber which can save driving or traditional cab fares. One other neat feature is that Alexa can also warn you if there is a surge going on at the time. This can save you even more by avoiding surge pricing hikes.

Save on car repairs

One very cool gadget is Automatic. It plugs into your car’s diagnostic port and integrates with Alexa to tell you about warning lights, battery charge, service interval and other useful stuff. It can also play nicely with Ford Sync Connect to check on the status of cars with it installed.

Those are just a few ways to save money with Amazon Alexa. Use Echo for even a little while and the savings you could make will quickly outweigh the cost of the unit. That makes it a worthwhile purchase in my book!

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