How to Search Within a Website Using MacBook Pro

Google searches make our lives much easier to deal with. Any information on any subject can be found by simply typing the keyword(s) into Google and all the relevant webpages are brought before you. The process which follows this includes shifting through hours of data on each of these webpages and then finding the exact information you need.

But if you are a MacBook Pro user then there is a way to quickly find the exact information you are looking for within a certain webpage. If you are sure that you are on the right page but you don’t want to shift through all the data then you can search for a keyword within the page and see all the areas where it is mentioned within the text of the page. This feature available for all browsers in a MacBook Pro can save you hours of time and also quickly fetch you the exact information you need. So, follow these steps below to learn how to search within a website using MacBook Pro:

Step 1
Open any browser on your MacBook and go to a certain webpage.

Step 2
Press the keyboard shortcut ‘Command + F’.

Step 3
On the top right corner of the screen a dialog box will appear where you can type in the keyword you want to search with.

Step 4
Once you have typed it you will see next to it a number pattern such as ‘1 of 2’. This is basically how many times this keyword appears on the selected webpage.

Step 5
Using the two arrows next to them you can quickly navigate between these search results within the page itself.

Now go to any website you want and search within it with ease.
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