How to See the Top Games in the App Store

Games are often among the most popular apps. There are hundreds of games available for kids and adults alike and many more are added on a regular basis. If you are an iPhone user, you can see all of these paid and unpaid games in the App Store. However, if you are a first-time user, chances are you will have some difficulty doing this.

You need not worry because here is an easy step-by-step guide how to see the top games in the App Store.

1. In order to access your App Store, you need to open iTunes. If you don't have iTunes, you can download it for free from the Apple website.

2. After opening iTunes, click iTunes Store which can be found at the upper right corner. The action will take you to the next page.


3. On top, you will find different categories. Click the "App Store" menu. Once you do that, there is a drop down menu that will take you to different other categories. Choose "Games" to specifically view game apps only.


4. The Games page will display different games under different categories. The Top 10 games are displayed on the right side corner including the Top Paid Apps, Top Free Apps, and Top Grossing Apps. If you want to see more games, click the category you want.


5. If you want to know more about the details of a game, click any game you want. This will take you to the main page of the game. Below the "Download" button, you will see which type of Apple device the game is designed for. The page also contains the rating and description of that specific game.