How to See Where Your Gmail Account Has Been Accessed From

Millions of email users have a Gmail account. One advantage of having a Gmail account is that the one account lets users access all of Google’s products like Google +, YouTube, and all others. In case you didn’t know, Google helps keep your account secure by tracking where your Gmail was accessed from. The event has a description showing what means your Gmail account was accessed, such as from a computer or a mobile device, the date, and the location, and if you would like to see where your account was accessed from, just follow these few simple instructions to learn how.

1. Logging on and signing in- Open up your web browser and go to Sign in using your email address and password.

2. Security- After you’ve logged in to your Gmail account, open a new tab and go to You will see several security options to choose from. To the right you will see a box marked Recent activity that has the description informing you that you can Review security-related events in your account. Below this text is a bit of text in blue that says View all events. Click View all events.

3. Event viewer- As described in the introduction, you will see the date, time, method of access, and location of the access. Keep in mind that if the access was mobile, it will show the location that the phone number is based in. You will also see an option to change your password if any of the activity is suspicious.