How to Set a Vacation Responder in Outlook

If you are planning on being away from the office, it is customary to set a “Vacation Responder” that will inform whoever emails you that you will be unable to respond.

Since you are a polite businessperson and wish to set a Vacation Responder, you can do so by following the steps below:

Step 1: Type a new message in Outlook as you normally would.
Step 2: Write a subject heading and message body. Make sure to include when the recipients of this automated message should expect to hear back from you. Then save what you have written.
Step 3: Click “File”
Step 4: Choose the “Automatic Replies” option.

Step 6: Select a time range for your message to be sent.
Step 7: Toggling between the “Inside My Organization” tab and “Outside My Organization” tab, you can distinguish between messages that you would like sent to your contacts versus people outside of your organization.

Recap: Setting a vacation responder allows you to feel at ease while you are out of the office by knowing that you emails are getting responded to. This keeps you free from your work email for the time that you are away. You can also edit your vacation status at any time.