How To Set up 1Password on your Android Phone or Tablet

1Password is one of the best password management tools which protects very sensitive information on your computer, tablet, or phone. Although it came late on the Android platform, it offers the same features as its desktop and iOS counterparts. If you're an Android user and you want to beef up your Android device's security, here's how you set up 1Password on your Android phone and tablet.

1. Download 1Password from the Google Play Store. After the installation, open the 1Password app and a welcome screen will appear asking whether you are a new or existing user. If you already have a 1Password account, just enter your credentials to sync your data. If not, choose "I am a New User."

2. The next step is to create a Master Password which will unlock all the other passwords you have included in your 1Password vault. Thus, it is very important that the code you create is something you can remember well without being too revealing.


3. After creating your master password, you can add log ins which include your username, password, and the URL address of the website you want to access. To do that, Just tap the Plus sign on the 1Password toolbar and tap Login. After that, assign a name for the item as well as your username and password. Tap "Save." Create more items and store them in your vault by repeating this process.