How To Set up 1Password on your Mac

1Password is a tool that allows you to manage your passwords securely. It also allows you to store and manage software licenses, account information, notes, and even your credit card information without worrying about it getting hacked.

1. First, download 1Password from either the App Store or the AgileBits website. If you're getting it from AgileBits, you have to drag it from the "Downloads" folder into the "Applications" folder after the download. However, your MacBook needs to be running on OSX 10.8.4 or higher. After you install the app, a pop up window will appear asking whether you are new or an existing user.


2. Launch the app. You also need to create a new data file by clicking the "New Data File" button. After that, you will be asked to create a Master Password and a password hint. Make sure that your master password is a word or phrase you can easily remember because you're going to use this to unlock all the other passwords. After that, click "Continue."


3. After creating the new data file, you will also be asked to install a browser extension. Once you click "Yes" you will be re-directed to the download page where you can choose the browser you're using.

4. If the browser extension download is successful you will be able to see the 1Passowrd icon on top of your browser. When you click it, you will have to enter your master password to unlock your account.


5. To create a new log in, go to the website you want to log into and enter your credentials. When you do this, the 1Password display bar will appear at the top part of the page and ask whether you want to store the log in information of that site. Enter the name of the site and click "Save."

6. Every time you want to use your log in credentials, just click the 1Password icon on your browser, enter your Master Password, and all your passwords will appear. Just click any website you want to log in from the list and a new tab will open for that selected website.