How to Set up a Google Play Account on your Android Smartphone

If you have just purchased your Android smartphone and have completed the initial setup wizard while populating the required fields with the correct values, it is likely that your mobile phone has already been registered with the correct Google account.

If the above case is true, (or even if it is not) all you need to do in order to set up your Google Play account is you need to access the Google Play Store by tapping its icon from the app menu, and provide the appropriate Google credentials on the opened interface when the Play Store prompts.

Here’s how you can setup your Google Play account on your Android smartphone before you can access the Google Play Store for the first time:

    ■Turn on your Android phone.
    ■Press the Menu button to go to the Menu screen.

    ■Locate and tap the Play Store icon from the apps list.

    ■From Add a Google Account window, tap Existing. (Assuming you already have a Gmail account)

    ■On the Sign in window, enter your Gmail credentials in the Email and Password fields.
    ■Once done, tap the right arrow icon from bottom-right corner of the screen.

    ■On the Set up payment info interface, tap the option representing your preferred payment method, and tap Continue to proceed. Alternatively, you can also tap SKIP from the bottom-left corner to setup your billing information later.

    ■Under the Backup and restore window, tap the Keep this phone backed up with my Google Account checkbox.

    ■Finally, tap the arrow button from the bottom-right corner to start using Play Store.