How To Set Up a Second Monitor in Windows 8.1

Having a second screen or monitor is very convenient and useful. It allows you to see more open apps at the same time. To set up a second monitor on Windows 8.1, follow these simple steps.

1. Before you set up the dual monitor, check the external monitor's connector if it is compatible with your laptop's port. Most projectors and monitors use a DGI, VGA, or HDMI cable. Others can be connected wirelessly.

2. Connect the external or second monitor to your laptop. Once you finish doing this, there are two methods of how to set up the second screen.

3. The first method is to hover your mouse over the top right corner of your screen. A screen will slide from the right with the "Start Screen" icon, charms, and the recent apps you've used.

4. Click "Devices." This will take you to the "Second Screen" page. When you click that, there will appear different options how you want to project the screen. Choose "Extend" to activate the second monitor.


5. The second method is much faster, more like a short cut. Press the Windows icon and the letter "P" on your keyboard at the same time. This will take you directly to the Second Screen options. Like on Step 4, click "Extend" to enable the external monitor.