How to Set Up and Use the News App In iOS 11

Available only for certain regions at the time of this writing, News, when set up correctly, eliminates the need of any third-party news app or their paid subscriptions if any. The built-in News app in iOS 11 allows you to search and follow your favorite topics, stories, and channels, save an important news or story for later viewing, and unfollow the topics you’re no longer interested in.
However, before you start using the News app, Location Services must be enabled on your iOS 11 device. Once enabled, here’s how you can set up the News app on your iPhone/iPad:
    Activate the app
    Tap News from the Home screen, and tap Next on the What’s New window. This initiates the primary setup process where some topics/stories are pre-selected for you.

    Allow location tracking

Tap Allow when prompted. This allows Location Services in your iDevice to access the News app and look for and show the stories and news relevant to the region you’re then-currently in.

Once the app is activated and all set up, here’s how its interface can be used to get the latest news related to your favorite topics:
The ‘For You’ tab
The first tab and the window the News app opens in first is, For You. This tab contains the news and stories the app gathered based on your Siri usage, and the searches you’ve conducted in the Safari browser. Since both Siri and Safari are smart enough to remember your searches and filter them as per your interest, the tight integration of these two with the News app does the same while displaying the news/stories.

The Spotlight tab
Tap the Spotlight icon from the bottom to get to the Spotlight window. This window contains the Spotlight news and stories for you.

The Following tab
Tap the Following icon from the bottom to open the FOLLOWING window. This window that has all the channels and topics you’re following. The followed channels are pre-configured to send you notification alerts, and you can disable the notification alerts by tapping the Bell icon next to their corresponding titles/names. In addition to this, from this window itself, you can either search for new topics, channels, or stories to follow, or tap the Browse button to browse through the list to pick your favorite stuff from. To unfollow a channel/topic, tap Edit from the top-right corner, tap the sign, and then tap Remove.

The Search tab
Tap the Search icon from the bottom to open the Search window. From this window you can search for your favorite channels, topics, or stories. To follow a topic or channel, type the name or related keyword in the Search field, and tap the Heart icon next to it when found.

Save a story
Tap a story from any of the available tabs, tap the Share icon from the bottom-left corner, and tap Save from the horizontal menu that appears. This opens the story, opens the Share menu, and saves the story for later viewing respectively.

View saved story
Tap the Saved icon from the bottom, and tap a saved story. While tapping the Saved icon takes you to the Saved window that contains all the stories you’ve saved earlier, tapping a story opens it for you to view.