How to Set up Gmail on your iPhone

Apple's iPhone's come with for email, which you can use for a variety of email accounts, including Exchange, Yahoo, and, of course, Gmail .One way you can use Gmail is to use the Gmail app in the App Store. But if you want to use, you can set it up for Gmail easily. Here's how:

1. On your phone screen, tap Settings and choose Mail, Contacts, and Calendars on the list. Under that category, tap Accounts then Add Account, after which you will see other email services which are available on your device. Tap the Gmail icon to start the installation.


2. After that, a pop-up window will appear requesting your information. Type your name, Gmail account name, and password. Then, tap Next to start the verification of your email address. Once verified, you will be taken to the next screen.


3. Choose which Gmail services you want activated on your phone by turning the slider beside each option on. You can sync your contacts, mail, notes, and calendars. When you do that, you will also be asked whether to delete the existing ones already on your phone.


4. To add your account and confirm all the changes you have made, tap Save. You will get an Account Added message after this. Press the Home button on your phone to close Settings.

5. On your Home screen, tap the Mail icon to access your Gmail inbox. You will be able to see the Gmail folder inside your mail service inbox. If you want to send and receive messages using the Gmail inbox by tapping the Gmail folder.