How to Set Up Parental Controls on an Apple TV

Apple TV is used for streaming content onto your HDTV such as content from Hulu, YouTube, and other like sites as well as Apple apps like iTunes. Parental controls give parents the ability to restrict certain programming from their children, such as programs that had certain maturity ratings, restricting the ability to make purchases, or blocking certain channels altogether.

To learn how to use Apple TV's Parental Controls, read on:

1. Main menu- In the main menu, you will see some options. Choose Settings, then General, then Restrictions. Turn on Restrictions.

2. Passcode- You will be prompted to enter a 4-digit passcode. Enter your chosen code, select Done, enter your code again, select Done again, and then select OK.

3. Restriction Settings- There are a number of options in the "Restrictions" menu. You can Hide content, require a passcode, or Allow content. One example is asking for the passcode when attempting to rent movies or perform other purchases. Another is setting which movie ratings to allow, ask for the passcode when attempting to access explicit content, etc. Check over the available options and select whichever ones you wish to apply. You can also restrict access to certain icons or hide them from the main menu.