How to Set Up PIN Code on Netflix


With the new four digit pin option, adults can restrict shows and movies by maturity level on any active profile. It is a great way to manage content across multiple devices without having to enter the information per device. After this tutorial, the pin will stay active until you choose to remove it.

1. Go To Your Account Page

Go to the account page on Netflix and select parental controls. It is underneath your plan details in the settings subsection.


2. Create A Pin

For security reasons, it will prompt you for your Netflix password. Once entered, the pin code screen will pop up for the first time. Enter a pin and write it down for safe keeping.


3. Learn The Pin Protection Levels

This is the most important part since you’ll be filtering content out by their default MPAA ratings. Set the slider to the level that you feel the most comfortable with.


4. Test It Out

Try to play restricted content above the pin level and you should get a prompt on screen. It won’t allow you to play it until the correct pin is entered. This applies to television shows and movies.


5. You Can Always Change The Level

Changing the parental control level is helpful if you plan on watching content all day and don’t want to input the pin multiple times. It is similar to temporarily pausing a firewall’s protection. You can change the controls at any time through the parental controls menu.


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