How to Set Your Location in Dark Sky

Dark Sky is weather app for iOS that is known for its accurate weather predictions. It notifies you if it is going to snow or rain before it happens. You can also set your location so that wherever you are, Dark Sky can give you an accurate weather report. Here is how to set your location in Dark Sky:

1. Launch the app by tapping the Dark Sky icon on your phone screen.

2. On the main screen, find the Notify tab which is found at the lower right corner of the screen. You will be taken to the Notifications page where you can adjust your notifications threshold. Turning this feature on will automatically turn your location on.


3. Another way to set your location is by simply tapping the location on your top screen. It will take you to a list of various locations you have been to including your present location. Tap any location you want to get information for and the app will generate a weather report for you.