How to Setup our Development Environment on Fire

This article will teach you how to set up development environment on your Fire TV Stick or Fire TV. If you are a developer of Android apps, you will find it easy to work with Fire TV platform as it will be familiar. It uses the same AP’s and tools you use in Android development.
For a successful set up, make sure you have packages on your computer such as Android SDK, the Amazon Fire TV SDK add-on, Java Development Kit (JDK), and Eclipse Integrated Development Environment (IDE). You should also have access to an Ethernet network, or Wi-Fi which is accessible by your development computer and the Amazon Fire TV.

1. Connect your development computer to ADB (Android Debug Device)
The ADB, once connected to your development computer, helps in debugging, testing, and installing all your apps before you send them to the Amazon App Store. Unlike most Android devices, you will not be able to connect your development computer with the Amazon Fire TV via a USB cable. Note that your Fire TV and the computer should be connected to the same network so the ADB connection can function properly.

2. Turn on ADB debugging
Make sure you have enabled ADB on your Fire TV before you connect to the device. From your Amazon Fire TV screen, tap ‘Settings’. Choose ‘System’, then ‘Developer Options’, and tap ‘ADB debugging’.

3. Get the IP address of your Fire TV
If you want to connect ADB to your Amazon Fire TV, you will need the IP address of the Fire TV. Tap ‘Settings’ from the screen of your Fire TV. Choose ‘System’, go to ‘About’, and click on ‘Network’. Note the IP address you find on this screen.

4. Connect ADB
For your development environment computer to connect to Fire TV, open the terminal, and move the directory to the Android SDK platform-tools directory. Run the commands: adb kill-server, adb start-server, and adb connect <ipaddress>.
If your connection is successful, the ADB device will reply with the message: connected to <ipaddress>: 5555.
Note that the IP address seen here is that of your device.

5. Check to ensure the Fire TV appears among the listed devices
This is an optional step, but it is crucial. Type the command adb devices. ADB will reply to the command with list of devices attached: <ipaddress>:5555 device.