How to Share iTunes Library from your MacBook Pro


If you live with your family and own a MacBook, chances are that you are having to share it with others. This means multiple users for the laptop, and multiple user accounts. However, as much as it is important to maintain certain information as private to each user, it is also important to be able to seamlessly share the information you wish to.

And on this list the iTunes library stands really high. Tired of your sister constantly asking you to share your music library with her account? Here’s how to set up a common iTunes library for all the users on a MacBook thereby necessarily sharing your music library with the other users.

Step 1
Select the ‘iTunes App’ and launch it.

Step 2
On the overhead menu click on the ‘System Preferences’ option.

Step 3
Select the ‘Advanced Preferences’ option and a dialog box will open up.

Step 4
Right at the top of the dialog box the directory path to where the iTunes library is stored will be specified.

Step 5
Select the directory path and right click on it and click on the option ‘Reveal in Finder’. This will open the folder where the iTunes library is stored.

Step 6
Select the entire folder and move it to a spot which is accessible by all users such as the ‘Shared’ folder in the users section.

Step 7
Go back to the advanced preferences window and click on the ‘Change’ button next to the directory path.

Step 8
Set the path to where the library folder is stored.

Once done, every user on the MacBook should be able to access the same iTunes library, and anything added to it by one use will be available to the rest.