How to Share LinkedIn Job Postings

LinkedIn allows you to search for relevant jobs as per your area of expertise.

Since you may have several connections added to your LinkedIn profile, there may be times when you come across job openings that may be of interest to some of your connections. LinkedIn allows you to share such job openings with your connections, and/or with your friends who are on other social networking sites such as Facebook, Twitter, etc. In addition to this, you can also share the job with others by specifying their email addresses.

Here’s how you can share a job posting from LinkedIn:

    ■Sign in to your LinkedIn account using any of your favorite web browsers.
    ■From the top of your LinkedIn account’s Home page, click the Filter icon (icon with the three horizontal lines) next to the search field.
    ■From the displayed list, click Jobs.

    ■In the search field (at the top), type the keywords for your desired jobs as per your expertise.
    ■Click the Search button (icon with the magnifying glass symbol) next to the Search field.

    ■On the search results page, click the View button representing the job that you want to share.

    ■On the job’s page, from the right pane, click the in share button.

    ■On the opened popup window, check the checkboxes representing the social networking sites and/or the one representing the option to choose individual persons.
    Note: You might need to provide required details or credentials in order complete the process.
    ■Once the desired checkboxes are checked, click the Share button from the bottom of the popup window to share the job with the selected audience.

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