How to Share Your Favorite iTunes Radio Stations

If you're streaming music to your Mac, iPad, or iPhone through iTunes Radio, you might come across a station you really like. Naturally, you don't want to keep that musical goodness all to yourself, so here is how you can share stations on iTunes Radio with your friends:

1. Open the iTunes Radio app on your iOS device.
2. Tap on any stations you want to share.

3. Tap on the ‘info (i)’ button.

4. From the next page, Tap on ‘Share Station’ option.

5. Tap on ‘Airdrop’ to share with the nearer devices. The other device should be nearer. A request will be prompted on that device just accept it & you are ready to go.

6. You can also share through Facebook, Twitter, iMessage or even Email by choosing from the options.

7. If you want you also can copy the link of the station and share it on a website or blog. To do that, tap on ‘copy link’ & paste the link anywhere on the web.

If you follow the steps correctly you will be able to share from your iTunes Radio. And your friends can listen to them easily from anywhere, any time