How to Sideload an App on the Amazon Fire Stick

Amazon Fire Stick is considered to be one of the coolest products to be released by Amazon. People have begun to use this product for the purpose of watching the television shows or movies on the big Fire TV. The product comes with the Fire TV remote as well. Here is how you can sideload the applications on the Amazon Fire Stick.

Step 1
You should keep pressing the ‘Home’button for a short period. This will open up the settings menu on the Amazon Fire TV.

Step 2
In the settings menu being displayed on the Amazon TV, scroll left and right to find and select the ‘Device’ option.

Step 3
You should now choose the ‘Developer Options’ from the list of the device options that are displayed on the Amazon Fire Stick.

Step 4
From the list of the developer options, choose ‘Apps from Unknown Sources’. By selecting it, you will turn on this setting allowing the apps from unknown sources to get downloaded.

Step 5
You will now receive a warning on the usage of allowing the downloading of the application from the various unknown sources. Now you will have to press the ‘Turn On’ button.

Step 6
You should hover the search button on the screen and search with the keyword ‘Downloader’.

Step 7
You will notice the downloader in the apps section. You should now choose ‘Downloader’ choice to download it.

Step 8
Now proceed by tapping the ‘Download’ to begin the downloading process and finally choose ‘Install’ to install this.

Step 9
Now click on ‘Open’ to start the downloader.

Step 10
You should now go to the other device, find the direct URL of the APK file you wish to install with the .apk extension. After entering the URL of the APK file, click ‘Go’.

Step 11
Now, the user have to click ‘Install’ option to install the app.

The user can now easily sideload an application from another device using downloader on their Amazon Fire Stick.
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