How to Skip Missions in Subway Surfers


Playing Subway Surfers can be fun and challenging. Completing missions is sometimes too tedious, so you might wonder how you can skip a mission. There is a simple way to do this:

1. Play the game- Start the game and play for a while. Playing the game will get you coins, which are needed for missions, buying boosts, etc.

2. Save your coins- The coins you collect will come in handy as you need them to buy boosters, power-ups, and the like.

3. Go to missions- Now that you’ve collected a lot of coins, it’s time to go to your missions tab. On your menu, click missions. On the very bottom of this tab, you’ll see the phrase “Missions can be Skipped in the Shop”.

4. Visit the shop- Now you know where to go, so it’s time to get to the shop. Click on the exit button for missions or tap your back button on your phone to return to the title screen. Click shop.

5. Scrolling your options- You’ll see what you can do with all your coins, so just scroll down until you see skip mission packs. Click this option to view the missions you want to skip. Click buy on whatever missions you want to skip.

Keep in mind that if you don’t have enough coins, you’ll have to play some more in order to collect enough. Sparing your coins on the boosters will help get you there faster.