How to Split Focus and Exposure in Camera+

Camera+ is one of the popular photo apps in the App Store not only because of the quality of the pictures it produce, but also for some noteworthy features it has not found in other similar apps. Two of those features are the Focus and Exposure features which allows you to control how dark or how light the area of the image you are capturing. This is a simple and easy guide how to use the split focus and exposure in Camera+.

1. When you launch the Camera+ app, you will see the basic viewfinder containing grids. Tap the screen and a red frame will appear with a "Plus" sign on the top right side of the square. This means that your "Focus" and "Exposure" are on the same plane.


2. Tap the screen again using two fingers to separate the "Focus" and "Exposure" features. The "Focus" area has a bull's eye in the center while the "Exposure" area has an F-stop ring of a camera lens in the middle.


3. Slide each of these squares on the area where you want them to be. The focus feature will make the area clearer and lighter while the exposure area will be blurrier and darker.

4. You can lock or unlock each of these features independently by tapping the "Lock" icon found at the lower left side of the screen.


5. You can also adjust the white balance of your image using the "Exposure" button. To do this, simply find a neutral color in the picture. Once you get the desired result, lock the white balance and recompose your image.
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