How to Start Developing Fire TV Apps and Games

There are several options for developing apps for Fire TV and rather than the outcome, your selection should be based on your skillset. There is a platform available for the Java Developers, the web developers and content developers to create apps in their own programming language. Also, the preferred platform is a choice, it could be a Web HTML5 app or an Android App. Finally, the features you would like to have in your app are another decision to be made before choosing your path. Read on to find out everything you need to know to create consumer’s new favorite app.
The first option that has to be chosen is the platform for the building of the app. The available options are:

Amazon Creator: Ideal for developers of content since it is very easy and there is no coding required. It builds the app automatically from your Media RSS or YouTube Channel.

Web App Starter Kit for Fire TV: This is specifically built by Amazon to target web developers using JavaScript, CSS3, and HTML5. It includes a fully customizable HTML5 template that’s very useful.

Fire App Builder: This a specific Amazon creation for the production of Fire TV media apps using most commonly-used Android development tools like Android Studio and Gradle among others. It is based on Java.

Connect to Fire TV Through ADB
Connecting your development computer to your Amazon Fire TV device is a must. For this, you have to enable debugging on the Fire TV or Fire Stick.

Step 1 -
Enter the 'Developer Menu' of your TV or Fire Stick. To find this option, you should navigate towards ‘Settings’ on the main screen of your Fire TV or Fire Stick. Once you are there, you should choose the ‘My Fire TV’ from the options menu and go straight into ‘Developer Options’.

Step 2 -
Turn on the‘ADB Debugging’. Turn the option on from the ‘Developer options’ menu on your Fire TV settings page. A pop-up screen will show and you should click ‘Yes’ on it to proceed.

Step 3 -
3. Turn on the ‘Apps from Unknown Sources’ option From the ‘Settings’ menu turn on the ‘Apps from Unknown Sources’ option for your Fire TV to recognize the newly-created apps for testing.

The ‘USB Debugging’ option needs to be turned on if you are to connect your computer to your Fire TV through a USB cable. It can be selected and switched on from the same menu as the ‘ADB Debugging’ option.
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