How to Stop Annoying App-Rating Prompts in iOS 11

Although the rating and review you give for any app helps its developers improve the performance and eliminate any flaws that the program may have, sometimes such prompts are quite annoying, especially when you are using it for the first time and are trying to understand how the app works and what features it has.
Luckily, iOS 11 allows you to turn off such annoying prompts without any hassle or violating the warranty of your device. Here’s how:
    Opening the Settings window
    Tap the Settings icon from the Home screen. This opens the Settings window that enables you to personalize your iDevice and customize its settings to best suite your lifestyle and professional needs.

    Opening the iTunes and App Store settings window
    From the Settings window, scroll down and tap iTunes and App Store. This opens the iTunes and App Stores window from where you can manage your Apple ID and settings for App Store.

    Turning off app-rating prompts

Scroll down and slide the In-App Ratings & Reviews button to the left. Doing so prevents the app-rating prompts from popping up while you’re working with the app. To re-enable, slide the button to the right again.