How to Stop Receiving Emails or Text Messages from Netflix


Netflix is an American company founded twenty years ago in Las Gatos, California. It has grown exponentially due to the range of content it provides, as well as the customized suggestions which allow users to find video titles that suit them.

Netflix does send your offers from time to time to enhance your subscription, as well as email and text message updates. If you find these intrusive, here’s how to stop receiving them. (Note: You will always receive transactional emails related to your account.)

1. Open ‘Netflix’
Fire up your browser and navigate to Log in,or sign up if you are not an existing user.

2. Navigate to ‘Accounts’
Hover over your profile icon in the right top corner and click on ‘Accounts’ from the drop-down menu. The ‘Account’ tab contains all the settings related to your user account.

3. Scroll to ‘Communication Settings’
You can then scroll down to Settings. Choose ‘Communication Settings’.

4. Select ‘Wanted Updates’
You can now select or deselect the required updates. You can choose to halt just text messages, or just emails, or both.

5. Stop All Contact
You can click on the last checkbox that states ‘Do not receive any emails or text messages’. This will check every one of the previous checkboxes and you will not be notified of any Netflix offers or updates.

Take control of how often Netflix contacts you with these simple steps.