How to Stop Websites from Collecting your Data in MacBook Pro

Websites which collect data are harmful for various reasons. One, they can easily pass on your private information to other parties and they may use it to their advantage. Secondly, these websites may turn harmful and use their connections to send malware to your PC. And if websites collect your data they can use it for their recommender application thereby limiting your natural choice and push their products, services, or information on to you.

These websites or at least their ability to collect data from your PC should be blocked immediately. And this is something you can do using your MacBook Pro if you use the Safari browser to surf the internet. Follow the steps below to block websites from collecting your data:

Step 1
Launch ‘Safari’ from the menu at the bottom of the screen.

Step 2
In the top menu bar click on ‘Safari’, and then the ‘Preferences’ tab in the drop down menu.

Step 3
The preferences dialog box will open with various tabs and options. Select the ‘Privacy’ tab from the top section of the dialog box.

Step 4
In the privacy section you will see an option titled ‘Website Tracking’.

Step 5
Tick the boxes next to ‘Ask Websites Not To Track Me’ and ‘Prevent Cross-Site Tracking’.

This should have successfully blocked all websites from tracking your personal data and using it for various purposes. Keep in mind that this feature does not work for browsers other than Safari, such as Google Chrome or Mozilla Firefox. Also, this feature can only block the websites from tracking data that do it according to online rules. For those who don’t and collect data illegally, separate measures require to be taken.
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