How to Submit Your Fire TV App to the Amazon Appstore

Having a great idea, gathering the correct people and building an app is not an easy task, but once you´re done, what follows? It is time for it to be enjoyed by everybody, it´s time for you to submit it to the Amazon Appstore. Read on to find which are the correct steps to follow.

1)Create a developer account
It is completely free of charge and you can use all Amazon Tools to upload and test your Apps. Just go to the Login site and follow the intuitive instructions.

2) Login as a Developer and Add an App
Select the ‘Add Android App’ or the ‘Add Streaming Media App’, whichever is the case. Once you´re logged in as a Developer, you will gain access to the Dashboard and the Appstore Section.

3) General Information Tab
Complete the ‘New App Submission’ tab that will later turn into the General Info tab. Once you´re finished click on the ‘Save’ button and move on to the next tab.

4) Pricing & Availability
Answer the three main questions asked in the menu and then click on the ‘Save’ button. It is important to bear in mind that all prices published will involve VAT and taxes. There is a list of minimums and maximums available. Also, when distributing internationally you should bear in mind the language barrier that might exist.

5) Describe your app
Add a short and a long description for your app in the requested fields. It is recommended to hire a professional since this will be your apps presentation card and shouldn´t be overlooked.

6) Add Multimedia
Add images from the corresponding Images and Multimedia tab that represent your app. Bear in mind strict Amazon Guidelines for pictures submission, intellectual property and Amazon Appstore Content Policy Requirements. Also, these images need to represent your app, therefore should be as professional as they can be.

7) App Content Rating
Amazon will ask you to rate your app on sensitive categories and if it fails to pass this step, will be rejected. Also, the rights over your app´s content are tested in this tab. Not owning the content of your app will fail the Appstore process of evaluation.

8) App Files Upload
Upload all the APK files for your App. The screens and available fields for Android and Web apps differ slightly.
9) Submit your App
When the ‘submit app’ button becomes available, click on it and you can start checking on status.

Once all the steps are completed correctly, each of the tabs will get a green tick or check mark. Once uploaded, the app will follow the approval process until it finally is available for the general public. Status can be checked at the Amazon Apps & Games Developer Portal.
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