How to Survive Being Abducted by a UFO in Doodle Jump

Doodle Jump is a video game involving outer space, the four-legged Doodler, and a variety of monsters and UFOs that players must avoid, jump, or shoot. Players control the Doodler. One of the challenges in the game is to avoid being abducted by a UFO. This is challenging, but not impossible.

Read on for tips to survive being abducted by a UFO in Doodle Jump.


Step 1
Allow the abduction to start. You cannot defeat the UFO unless you let it begin to abduct your Doodler.

Step 2
Fire the Doodler’s gun by touching the screen while being abducted by the UFO. This step requires precise timing. You should fire the shots before you are abducted. As the UFO is taking your Doodler, the shots should hit the UFO.

Step 3
The shots hit the UFO destroying it as it is trying to abduct your Doodler.

To make surviving an alien abduction even easier, players can play in the Christmas or Soccer themes. Many Doodle Jump players may be unaware that they can play these themed games. These themes are accessed at the bottom of the screen. While in gameplay in one of these themes, have your Doodler shoot parabolic indirect shots at the UFO. This will make surviving an abduction attempt much easier.

Doodle Jump can provide hours of fun. Players shoot and avoid various monsters while jumping from platform to platform. Follow the steps above to avoid an abduction by a UFO.