How to Swap SIM Cards

If you have two unlocked phones, or two phones you want to use on the same mobile network, then you can easily swap your data over from one to the other by swapping the SIM cards. SIM stands for “System Identity Module,” and SIM cards are used to identify your phone to your mobile carrier. By taking a SIM card and putting it in a new phone, you give that phone the same number and mobile plan as the last phone the card was used with. Here’s how to make the swap.

Step 1
First of all, power down your phone. You will be removing the battery and other internal components of the device, so it is obviously best not to have the power turned on.

Step 2
Next, remove the back cover of your phone. Note that this isn’t possible on all devices. On the iPhone, for example, with its unibody construction, you use a slot on the side for your SIM cards.


Step 3
Remove the battery pack from the phone, and look for a small rectangular card that looks like it had one of its corners snipped off. This is your SIM card. Remove it from your device.

Step 4
Now, take your other phone and repeat the steps above. Remove the back cover and take out the battery. Then, you will be able to place the SIM card into the new phone.

If all goes according to plan, these steps will essentially “clone” your old phone on your new phone. You will have the same number and be able to make calls with the same data plan. Generally, the people at your mobile store will do all of this for you, but if you for some reason need to do it alone, the steps above will allow you to do so.
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