How to Tag People on Photos in Google+

Just like Facebook, Google+ allows you to tag people from your Google circles in the photographs that you have already uploaded onto your Google+ account. If you have not already uploaded a photograph, you can do so right at the time of tagging.

In order to tag people on the photographs on your Google+ account, it is important that the person is in one of your Google+ circles, without which tagging is not possible. Also, due to the automatic face detection feature, you can easily tag your friends.

Here’s how you can tag your friends in a photograph on Google+:

    ■Turn on your computer.
    ■Open your favorite web browser. (E.g. Firefox in this demonstration.)
    ■Once the web browser opens up, type the given link in the address bar and press Enter to open Google+.
    ■On the login window, provide your credential in the appropriate fields, and click the Sign in button.

    ■On the Home page, click the Photos option from the Share What’s new section. Make sure that the ALL tab is selected under the search field.

    ■On the next opened window, click the Upload from computer to upload the picture. Alternatively you can also choose any already uploaded picture by clicking Your Google+ photos.

    ■Assuming that you clicked the Upload from computer option, from the File Upload window, browse the picture you want to upload.
    ■One the desired picture is located, click the Open button from the File Upload window, to upload the image.

    ■Once processing is done and Google+ automatically recognizes the face in the picture, click the Click face to tag or single-click on the picture to tag.


10. Type to search the name of the person in the given field, and from the suggestions, click the radio button representing user you want to tag.

11. Once done, click the Share button to complete tagging.