How to Track Shows That Are Leaving Netflix

Netflix provides us with thousands of titles we can view on demand, but this massive library is constantly changing. Netflix Originals will always be there for you to watch, but due to licensing contracts, those offered by other film and TV studios are only available for a limited amount of time. Nobody wants to miss the last episode of their favorite series, or find out the film they’d planned to watch on Friday night is no longer available. So here’s how you can keep track of the shows that are leaving Netflix:

1. Open Netflix
Look for the title you want to watch. Underneath the picture is a red arrow pointing down, which will take you to the show’s page. Go to it, and look for the ‘Details’ option in the bottom menu.

2. Select Details
This provides you with almost every detail imaginable about the show, from who directed it to when it was made. You need to look for the white arrow on the right-hand side of the screen. Clicking on this will reveal when the show is due to expire. If you are not ready to watch it right now, you can add it to ‘My List’ for later viewing.

3. Click on My List
This is located next to the title. The show will now be added to the ‘My List’ section of your account. Netflix automatically lists your shows based on your previous viewing, but you can also order them manually to make sure anything due to expire is at the top of ‘My List’. To do this, you need to go back into Your Account.[img]
[b]4. Select Your Profile[/b]
From the drop-down list under[b] ‘Your Account’[/b], and click on [b]‘Order in My List’[/b]. This takes you to the appropriate page.

[b]5. Select My List[/b]
From the menu. You will now be able to drag your shows up and down the screen, so you can put them in an order to suit you. There is also a [b]‘Move to Top’[/b] link on the right-hand side which quickly puts your selection at the top of the list.
Make sure you order the selections in ‘My List’ when you add them.
This is how you can track shows that are leaving Netflix.
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