How to Transfer Accounts Between Android Devices in Boom Beach

Boom Beach is a highly popular strategy and combat game by Supercell. Players must fight the enemy known as Blackguard by building their city, army, and attacking as well as defending against attacks. People do upgrade their Android devices from time to time and may wonder how to get their existing account transferred to their new device. Just follow these simple steps and you will be able to transfer your current account from your old Android device to your new one.

1. Google + (old device) - On your old device, tap the Boom Beach icon to open the game. Ensure you are connected to Google+ before beginning the transfer.

2. New device- Download Boom Beach on your new device and open it.

3. Google+ (new device) - Add the same Google account to your new device as your old one. This is vital in connecting. Keep in mind that this addition is the account on your phone, not the game.

4. Starting fresh- On your new device, download Boom Beach, open it, and begin playing the game. You will go through the tutorial process again. Complete the tutorial. CAUTION- DO NOT upgrade your HQ past level 4. After you have upgraded past level 4, the game will become permanent

5. Settings and connection- After tutorial completion, open the settings in the game. Tap the Google + icon to connect. You will receive a message pop up that asks if you want to load your primary base. Accept and the transfer is complete.

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