How to Turn off iMessage to Switch to Android

There are plenty of great Android phones out there, so it's not a surprise if you switch from an iPhone when picking your next phone. If you do that, though, it is likely that your new Android device won't be able to receive text messages. That is because your messages are still routed through Apple's servers before they are delivered through the phone's data connection. Unless you disabled iMessage on your old phone, your messages will continue to be routed through Apple's servers. Here's a simple way how to turn off iMessage before switching to Android.

1. On your old iPhone, tap the "Settings" app.


2. Tap "Messages" to access iMessage. Toggle the button beside iMessage to turn it off.


3. If you have no other iOS devices, you can choose to sign out from your iMessage account. Access your "Settings" page again and tap "Messages." Next, tap "Send and Receive" and "Apple ID." A pop-up window menu will appear, choose "Sign Out" and you're done. Just a reminder, it will take at least a couple of days before these changes will take effect and for you to normally receive text messages.


4. If this does not solve the problem, you might have iMessage active on your other iOS devices. If you have an iPad, access your "Settings" page. Then, tap "Message" and turn off your iMessage.