How To Turn On Laptop Touchpad On Windows 8


Touchpads can be a hindrance to some of us who have toddlers running around the house. Having them tinker with a touchpad and the mouse pointers subsequent motion might interest them further to the point of disassembling the laptop for the sake of science. We may know how to disable the touchpad but we sometimes forget how to restore functionality when the toddlers go to bed. This tutorial will show you how to enable the Touchpad on your laptop equipped with Windows 8.

1. Power up and log-in to your laptop running Windows 8.

2. Go to Control Panel>Hardware and Sound.

3. On the listing of Devices and Printers click on Mouse.

4. A new pop up window will come forth. You will be greeted with the option of a touchpad.

If you’re working with an HP laptop, the last tab will hold the option with Synaptics settings. If the touchpad is disabled, click on enable after highlighting the device in the list below. Some HP laptops also have the first tab with check boxes of which the first will be to enable Touchpad.

If you’re working with a Dell laptop the first tab will have an option Click to change Dell Touchpad settings. From there you will see Touchpad as an option with a radio button to toggle on or off. If it’s in the Off position, click on it to change to On.

5. If your laptop doesn’t have fancy options via a software to enable or disable the touchpad, you can look through Device Manger, listed under Mice and other pointing devices Touchpad. Right click on it and select on enable.

6. Your laptop should have a button whereby you can enable or disable the touchpad. You can also look through the keys on your keyboard and see if there are any hotkeys you can use to enable the touchpad. Dell Inspiron laptops require an end user to press FN+F3 to enable or disable the touchpad.

Hopefully you’ve enabled the touchpad on your Windows 8 laptop and now getting about to your pending chores.