How To Turn the Grid On or Off Camera+

Most camera apps, like Camera+, have features which help you get a better shot. One of the most helpful features is the grid which helps with the composition and ensures that the horizon is level and that you place your subject in the proper area. This greatly benefits someone who has basic photography knowledge. However, if you already know all about the rule of thirds and other photography rules, the grid can be somewhat annoying. So if you're using the Camera+ app, here's how you turn the grid on or off.

1. When you launch the Camera+ app, you will see the basic viewfinder which has grids in it.

2. To turn off the grid, tap the "Menu" icon found at the lower right corner of the screen on the same level with the "Lighthouse" icon and the shutter button.


3. Once you access the menu, you will see the various features of the app with an on/off option. Find the "Grid" feature and drag the slider off to disable the grid. If you want to enable it again, drag the slider on.