How to Uninstall Unwanted App From Amazon Fire TV

Amazon Fire TV allows you to install your favorite apps for easy access. If you are experiencing problems with the app you may want to uninstall and re-install it. Likewise, if you are low on memory you may want to uninstall unwanted apps to free up space. No matter the reason, here is a guide to uninstall unwanted apps from your Amazon Fire TV.

1. Go to Settings
Use the directional button to navigate the list of menus until you get to ‘Settings’. Click on it to reveal a new set of options.

2.Scroll to Application
Use the ‘Left’ and ‘Right’ direction button to scroll to the ‘Applications’ option. You will identify this option as three squares in a grid, with a plus in the space for the fourth square.

3. Manage Installed Applications
Once you click on ‘Applications’ a new list will pop up. Scroll down to ‘Manage Installed Applications’. It should be the last option on the list. This option allows you to view and manage installed applications, and perform actions like force stop, uninstall, clear data, and clear cache.

4. Find the App
You will see a list of all the apps installed in your Fire TV. Scroll down to find the app you want to uninstall.

5. Uninstall the app you want
Once you click on the unwanted app, you will see a list of options. Scroll down to ‘Uninstall’ to remove the app from your device.
Before uninstalling an app, it is a good idea to first ‘Clear data’ and ‘Clear cache’. Clearing data will remove all data, including login details that you have stored on the app. Clearing the cache will remove all non-essential temporary data generated by the app. It is very important to clear cache before deleting the app so that temporary files are not left behind to consume your space.

6. Remove from cloud
When you uninstall an app from your Fire TV, it will still be visible on your cloud. To remove it from your cloud, scroll to the app and press the button on your remote with three horizontal lines. It will bring out series of options visible at the bottom right corner of your television. They will include, ‘Move’, ‘Move to front’, ‘More info’, and ‘Remove from Cloud’. Choose ‘Remove from Cloud’ and click on it, and the app will be removed from your cloud.
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