How to Unlock Characters in Marvel Puzzle Quest

Marvel Puzzle Quest has an extensive cast of famous characters. in the game, you can use Hero Points to unlock them. The first thing you'll need to is collect coins by playing the game. Once you do that, here's how to unlock characters in Marvel Puzzle Quest:

1. Open the game by tapping on the ‘Puzzle Quest’ icon on your device.
2. Tap on ‘Recruit Heroes’ which will be at the bottom left corner of the screen.

3. You will find several options to buy ‘Hero Cards.’ They will cost you hero points. Tap on the ‘Star’ sign to go to the page and choose which card you want to buy.

4. After you tap on any card of your choice. A pop-up will appear asking that if you want to buy the card, indicating the cost.

5. Tap on that pop-up to buy that particular card. You will find a random character from that card. You either can use it or sell it later.