How to Unlock S.A.M. in Jetpack Joyride

Jetpack Joyride has a bunch of vehicles in it, but the most powerful of them all is the Strong Arm Machine, or S.A.M., a giant robot that fills up the screen and deflects missiles. Here's howh to unlock S.A.M. in Jetpack Joyride:

1. Open the game and tap on the screen to start playing
2. Play until you see an ’S’ token on the screen. When you see it, collect it immediately by touching the token with your character.

3. After that you will have to collect another token in the same away, which will be an ‘A’.

4. Finally, collect the ‘M’ token by the same process, and S.A.M will be activated.

5. If you can collect 3 tokens (S.A.M) in one day in this process, you will be able to activate S.A.M. in Jetpack Joyride.

Some facts:
1. You can get S.A.M only once per day.
2. You can't get it through vehicle upgrades
3. You can operate S.A.M's hand by tapping down or releasing the screen
4. S.A.M will be destroyed, if it takes 3 hits.
5. If it's destroyed, you will be rewarded with daily rewards.