How to Upgrade the RAM of your MacBook Pro

The RAM (Random Access Memory) is a very important of any PC. And if you are looking to upgrade your PC one of the best ways to do it is by purchasing and installing a larger RAM for the computer. This not only speeds up the PC but also provides you with the benefits which come with an upgraded RAM. MacBook Pros are usually fitted with the 8GB RAM but you can choose to upgrade it to a 16 GB or even a 32 GB RAM drive.

Once you have purchased the higher RAM drive you will need to upgrade it. You can do this by taking your laptop to the technician and spending extra money or you can follow the steps below and learn how to do this yourself.

Step 1
Flip the MacBook Pro on its back and remove all the screws from it. You will need to take out the entire back cover for this operation.

Step 2
In the middle of the entire panel you will see the RAM placed into a sort of casket.

Step 3
On both sides of this casket are two flaps, move them and take out the old RAM drive.

Step 4
Move the flaps again and insert the upgraded RAM drive which you have purchased. Make sure to keep the right side up.

Step 5
Put the back lid back on and put the screws back in place. Now when you turn on the PC you can go to the about this mac section and your upgraded RAM will be shown.

Use this tip to help save money and time. Also be cautious while buying RAM and always consult the store owner regarding the specifications and usability.
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