How to Upgrade to iOS 9

The latest operating system for the iPhone and iPad, iOS 9, offers a number of new features and security updates for your smartphone or tablet. It is available on every iPhone going back to the iPhone 4s and every iPad going back to the iPad 2 and iPad Mini.

You can check which devices are compatible with here:

Here is how you can upgrade your Apple device to iOS 9:
    ■Make sure that your device has enough battery life left. Having at least 80% should be plenty, though having your phone or tablet plugged in is ideal.
    ■From the Home screen tap Settings.

    ■From the Settings window, tap General.

    ■Tap Software Update from the General window.

    ■Wait until your device checks for the availability of iOS 9 and you are displayed with the Update Requested message at the bottom of the window.

    ■Wait until iOS 9 is downloaded.

    ■Once the download completes, on the displayed notification box, tap Close.

    ■From the bottom of the Software Update window, tap Install Now.

    ■Tap Agree from the bottom-right corner of the Terms and Conditions window.

    ■Wait until the downloaded update is verified and installed.
    Note: Your device may start a few times during the process. This is normal. Do not disturb the installation.

    ■On the Update Completed window, tap Continue.

    ■Tap Enable Location Services on the Location Services window.
    Note: Alternatively you can tap Disable Location Services and enable the services later.

    ■On the Create a Passcode window, type a 4-digit numerical passcode.
    Note: Alternatively you can tap Passcode Options to check the other types of passcodes that iOS 9 can accept to secure your Apple device.

    ■Retype to confirm your passcode in the Re-enter your passcode field.

    ■On the Apple ID window, type your current Apple ID and its password in the corresponding fields and tap Next from the top-right corner.
    Note: If you don’t have an Apple ID or have missed it, you can tap the Don’t have an Apple ID or forgot it link to get a new ID or retrieve the lost one.

    ■On the Diagnostics window, tap Send to Apple or Don’t Send as preferred.

    ■Finally on the Welcome to iPhone window, tap Get Started to start using iOS 9 on your iPhone normally.

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