How to Use a Television as a Laptop Display

Online streaming has become one of the main ways people catch up on TV shows, especially with services like Netflix and Hulu. However, watching things on a small screen can be a pain, especially if you want to watch with family and friends. If you have a television you can easily hook the two up so you can stream online and watch your favorite movies, shows, and even viral videos on a bigger screen.

Step 1
Newer laptops and televisions all have HDMI ports and this is the easiest way to hook the two up to each other. Find an HDMI cord –you can get them at any store with an electronics section.

Step 2
Now locate the HDMI ports on both your TV and your laptop. The ports look a bit bigger than a USB port and should say “HDMI” somewhere near them. Turn off both devices and then plug one end of your cord into your laptop and one into your TV. Some laptops may need an adapter to support HDMI.

Step 3
Turn your TV and laptop back on. If your laptop screen does not immediately show up on your television you may need to change your input settings on your TV. Hit the Source button on your remote until you see your laptop display show up on your television screen. Once you find the right input you’re good to go.

Hooking your laptop up to your television is handy for streaming movies and TV shows and it’s easy to do. Just get an HDMI cable and connect the devices. Make sure your TV has the right input settings and you’re ready to watch whatever you want on a bigger screen.

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