How to Use Alfred to Search the Web

Alfred is a useful app that makes searching for documents on your Mac faster, easier, and more efficient than ever before. Alfred isn’t just good for searching your computer, though. On the contrary, the app is also able to do an internet search right from your desktop, before you even launch your browser. Use the steps below to take advantage of this feature.

Step 1
If you haven’t done so already, install Alfred on your computer. The app can be downloaded for free at Once you’ve downloaded the file, install the program and set up search preferences, as well as the key combination you will use to bring up the search.

Step 2
With Alfred all installed and set up, we can move on to searching. Use your specified key combination to pull the app up on your computer, then type whatever it is you want to search for online. Alfred will first try to find matches on your computer, but if it can’t do so, it will give you internet search options. Specifically, you can opt to do a search on Google,, or Wikipedia, depending on what you are looking for.

Step 3
Once you select where online you want to concentrate your search, Alfred will automatically launch your default browser and present you with search results. You can refine your search, if necessary, using the search bar on Google, Amazon, or Wikipedia.

It’s not difficult to open a web browser and do a Google search for something. However, being able to do a web search from the same interface you use to find files on your computer is so convenient that you will likely want to use Alfred for that purpose anyway.

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