How to Use an Android Phone as a Recorder

Sound recorders are incredibly handy applications to have on your phone. Not every Android phone comes with a pre-loaded sound recorder app but it’s easy to get one and use it to record interviews, conversations, or make voice memos.

Step 1
Go into the Play Store and search for “sound recorder.” You should get several different options. You can find a free one, of course, and you will see an app called “Voice Recorder” somewhere near the top of the list. This is the easiest of the apps to use. Tap to open the app information and then tap the “Install” button.

Step 2
Wait for the app to finish installing and then open the app from the app drawer to begin using it. On the screen you will see a timer set to 00:00, a loading bar, and a button that says “Record.” Whenever you are ready to begin, just tap on that button.

Step 3
You are now recording. The timer at the top of the screen will begin to keep track of how long your recording is. When you are finished, tap the record button again.

Step 4
You will now be prompted to title and save your recording. Type in whatever you want to name the file and then hit the save button, or the save & share button if you want to share it on a social media platform. After that, you’re done.

Using a sound recorder on your phone is easy. Just download and open your app, hit the record button when you’re ready and then hit the button again when you’re done. Then just save and share as you want.

Note: Consider local laws when recording. Depending on where you live, one or both participants may need to be aware that they are being recorded.