How to use Android for Work


Android for Work is Google’s attempt to take more of the enterprise market from Apple. It is pretty good too, so once people get to know the capability of the new function, it might just win some more business. If you want to explore the new feature, here’s how to use Android for Work.

Essentially, Android for Work splits your phone into two distinct profiles. One for work and one for play. BlackBerry did something similar many years ago and it resonated well with users. Now Android is offering the same feature.

Android for Work
To get Android for Work activated and installed, you will need an Enterprise Mobility Manager server running, otherwise it won’t work properly. You will also need a work profile on your phone. These would be provided by your employer or IT department.

1. Link your business to Google Play 4 Business and get it approved by Google.
2. Navigate to Settings, Account and Add an Account on the device.
3. Add your business credentials and tap Accept.
4. Tap Next twice, then tap Install and Next once more. This will link the phone to the EMM server.
5. Follow the wizard to become an administrator, enforce company policies and add a PIN.
6. You may now have to encrypt the device and set up a work profile. Much depends on how your company has it set up. Tap Create if you need to.
7. Otherwise, tap Set Up and then OK.

Switch between Android for Work and your personal account
Once you, or your IT guy has set up Android for Work, you can switch between profiles with ease.

1. Navigate to Settings, Accounts and Work profile settings.
2. Tap work mode to enable or disable.
3. Use your phone as you see fit.

You can also swipe down in any screen to access the Work mode tile if you have it set up.

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